by White Candles



Monolith 45 rpm single out now from Sunstone Records

The Monolith single tracks are part of the "Flowers for Delia" EP, available for download from Active Listener Records


released October 23, 2014

Mark Saddlemire
Timothy Meskers



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White Candles Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Monolith
stumble through the brush
briars in your hair
pause to fill your lungs with unholy evening's air

under light of moon
holding a black mass
ritually disrobed and the circle has been cast

reflects the dancing flame
our offering cries for help in vain

holding hands we chant
laughter fills the scene
drowning out the screams of our anointed bride-to-be

blood-stained white candles
dot the rock altar
in a wedding dress, a gift to our horned father
Track Name: Tire-moi des mes reves
this forest harbors phantoms
driving quickly, lost without a map

the evening rains down on the hillside
where an orange glow flickers from inside
she is tired making tea on her stove
and in the town where she lives, she can't not feel alone

leave the kettle on for me tonight
outside the moon will shake the stars off like a wet dog
leave the kettle on for me tonight
as stained glass branches strain the ghostly drops of light